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  • EasyJet A320 Fan Cowl Detached
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 10:05 PM on Aug 13, 2013

    Check out these photos from UK's Daily Mail of the easyJet A320 that lost a fan cowl yesterday. Thankfully the pilots safely landed the four-year-old aircraft and no one was hurt.

    And thankfully the incident was far less damaging than the British Airways A319 that lost all cowls on May 24, which resulted in a fire in one engine.

    In this recent Air Accidents Investigations Branch bulletin, it points out most fan cowl losses happen during takeoff and emphasizes: 

    Following previous events of fan cowl door separation 
    on A320-family aircraft, Airbus recommended that 
    operators strictly adhere to Aircraft Maintenance Manual 
    (AMM) task 71-13-00 for proper latching and closing of 
    fan cowl doors after each maintenance action requiring 
    cowl opening. 

    The Airbus A320-family Flight Crew Operating 
    Manual (FCOM) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 
    PRO-NOR-SOP-05 for the exterior walk-around 
    includes a check on each engine that the fan cowl doors 
    are closed and latched. To perform this check it is 
    necessary to crouch down so that the latches are visible.

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