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  • View From An Ethiopian 787
    Posted by Jens Flottau 2:18 AM on Aug 21, 2012

    Ethiopian Airlines has been extensively celebrating the delivery of its first Boeing 787-8. The ceremony spanned several days from last Tuesday. 

    It ended with a spectacular four hour sightseeing flight on Saturday. Ethiopian took the full aircraft down to the border between Kenya and Tanzania to circle Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain at 19,341 ft. 

    Ethiopian’s Vice President Flight Operations Desta Zeru was at the controls and descended to level off at 20,000 ft. He then flew around the Kibo cone of Kilimanjaro four times to give all passengers an opportunity to see the spectacular mountain. Ethiopian and its guests were also lucky, because the thick cloud base was low enough for the mountain to be clearly visible.

    The aircraft returned to Addis Ababa late in the afternoon and was deployed on its first revenue flight to Dubai a few hours later. The views can’t have been nearly as spectacular then.

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