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  • Thanks for Coming. Now Leave Your Money on the Table and Back Away
    Posted by Frank Jackman 1:18 PM on Jun 08, 2010

    If I worked for IATA, I'd be plenty upset. The association's annual general meeting here in Berlin was, by most accounts, a big success. According to Director General Giovanni Bisignani, this year's AGM attracted more than 700 airline delegates and about 300 media members, both records, But the AGM also was bestowed a gift by the German government, which announced on day 1 of the two-day meeting that it plans to levy a ticket tax on arriving and departing airline passengers. Bisignani, who is not prone to understatement, called ita  "cash-grab by a cash-strapped government." Lufthansa Chairman Wolfgang Mayrhuber, who served as chairman of the AGM, was equally unamused.

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