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  • Podcast: Branson Calls For Cap-And-Trade
    Posted by Madhu Unnikrishnan 4:34 PM on May 14, 2009

    Sir Richard Branson, head of Virgin Group, showed his commitment to the advancement of alternative fuels research last year by famously drinking a shot of biofuel. His commitment hasn't flagged. In this podcast with Aviation Week Business Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan, Branson discusses biofuels and other steps the industry can take to make itself more green. Listen here (4:13, MP3 format).

    Interestingly, Branson argues for a global cap-and-trade system, saying airlines need to "be at the table" rather than have a system imposed on them. The United Nations should include aviation in any global environmental agreement hammered out when it meets on climate change in Copenhagen later this year.  

    And, to those of you who may be wondering, Branson says drinking a shot of biofuel was "an initiation by fire -- the most horrible mouthful."

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