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  • Podcast Extra: Kelleher, In His Own Words
    Posted by Andrew Compart 7:44 PM on Jun 06, 2008

    I interviewed Herb Kelleher on May 21, the day he stepped down as chairman of Southwest, the low-cost trend-setter he helped found more than 35 years ago. Listen to these podcasts to hear Kelleher explain, in his own words:

     -- His role in the company as an employee instead of its chairman

    -- His plans to write a book, and why 

    -- Why he does not expect Southwest to acquire another carrier (hint: one of the big reasons is related to fuel prices) 

    -- How big an impact fuel prices are having on the industry

    -- Where he thinks the legacy airlines might be headed (and how it relates to something he wrote more than 20 years ago)

    Of course, you'll hear some of those great Kelleher quips and hearty laughs, too. 


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