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  • One Million And Counting
    Posted by Andrew Compart 10:40 PM on Aug 05, 2009

    JetBlue reached a million followers on its Twitter account today (that's Aug. 5 should you be reading this later) -- and just kept going. As I write this, the count is at 1,004,219. The airline celebrated by offering offering 20% off all flights until midnight. You also can get to the deal via the new Twitter account JetBlue created about a month ago for Twitter-based special fare deals, called "Cheeps." Unlike United, which is offering its "Twares" on its usual Twitter account here, JetBlue decided to create the separate account so as not to interfere with its ongoing conversation with customers on the @JetBlue account.

    So far, Cheeps has about 23,000 followers. Only 977,000 to go!

    Meanwhile,  American has launched a fare finder application within its Travel Bag application. (You'll need a Facebook account to get to the actual  application, however, and I'm not letting you log into mine!) You can read more about it in this old-fashioned press release. The fare finder application lets users name the trips, set the departure and return cities and dates, and share their trip searches with friends in their network. But the "book it" link will take users to the American website to make the actual booking.

    I don't know how much this will catch on, but wit Travel Bag's Travelogue and Virtual Vacation components to foster travel-related discussions and ideas, at least American is trying to build the type of social media site that can create sale. If nothing else, it deserves kudos for trying.


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