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  • The Twin Otter - Irreplaceable, it Seems
    Posted by Graham Warwick 8:27 AM on Oct 26, 2012

    It seems that the only aircraft that can replace the famously rugged and reliable de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter is a Twin Otter. Viking Air, which acquired the type certificate from Bombardier, is building new and improved Twin Otter Series 400s in Canada and now Ikhana in California has launched the "re-lifed" Twin Otter X2.

    Photo: Ikhana

    The X2 package combines Ikhana's wing-box and fuselage re-life supplemental type certificates to rebuild time-expired DHC-6s to "zero time" structural life limits of 66,000 flight hours of 132,000 cycles - doubling the airframe's useful life. The package includes new or overhauled engines and propellers, interior and a paint job.

    Ikhana says it is working on three aircraft for delivery in 2013, and also that it is completing the development of financing support through the U.S Export-Import Bank to provide low-interest financing to international customers. So if you need to replace a Twin Otter, buy a Twin Otter - new or re-lifed.


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