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  • Supersonic Sportscar?
    Posted by Jennifer Michels 8:05 PM on Jul 19, 2010

    As my colleagues attending the Farnborough Airshow this week send back the news of the day about a $9.1 billion order by Emirates for the 777, the launch of Udvar-Hazy's new leasing company and possible troubles with Embraer's Harbin, China, plant, I'm sitting here in Washington fascinated with the press release from Hampson Industries about a supersonic automobile that will debut, which is being built to set a land-speed record of 1,000 mph.

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    My first thought was, why is there a car being shown at Farnborough? But Hampson is an aerospace and precision engineering, tooling company that will be manufacturing the rear chassis of the vehicle, called the Bloodhound.

    The show car, which is 44 feet long and 7 feet high, will be debuting in the outdoor areas at OE16 for anyone who is there this week.

    Perhaps the coolest thing about the SSC (supersonic car) is that it is designed to "inspire young student's to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and math." That is something we definitely are in need of in aerospace.

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