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  • Babbitt's vision of the future
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 6:31 PM on Jan 27, 2010

    There wasn’t a lot in the way of breaking news in FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt’s Aero Club speech on Tuesday. But one part that I did find really interesting was towards the end. Babbitt gave a quick description of what he sees as the airline flight of the future. The last half-sentence is obviously a joke (I think), but the rest is dead serious. The line about a “transparent blend of lower taxes and fees” is notable – a signal that the administration still wants to move further towards a tax/fee hybrid model?


    Anyway, here is the excerpt from his speech….

    So let me share with you what my vision of a flight in 2020 would be like. Our clearance is delivered and accepted with Data Link. The radio will only be used for emergencies. We’ll taxi out and takeoff without touching the brakes with no chance of a runway incursion we’ll fly the most efficient course for departure and enroute at our most efficient altitude.

    Complete high fidelity weather information will be will be available to the pilots and controllers for the full projected route and avoided using predictive weather tools. We will descend and reach our destination using a continuous descent approach.

    Our airports and airways will be funded with a transparent blend of lower taxes and fees not subject to variations of the economy and supplemented with savings in time, fuel and carbon emissions.

    We’ll deplane through multiple jet bridges, move through the terminal on high speed vehicles and moving sidewalks -- only to find out our bags didn’t make it!

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