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    Posted by Benet Wilson 3:50 PM on Jul 08, 2011

    Where's that folding metal chair when you need it?  WWE wrestling star Randy Orton took to Twitter to complain about items being stolen from his and others' luggage at Cape Town International Airport at the start of a South African tour, reports News 24.  According to WWE's website, the stolen items included a watch, a GPS system, and clothes.

    Yes, that WAS a flamingo you saw on the runway.  Runway 2 at the UK's Manchester Airport was shut down after staff found Ringo the Flamingo "strutting" down the pavement, reports the Manchester Evening News.  It took airport staff five hours to finally catch the flamingo.

    Cameras are dangerous.  Photographer Sandy DeWitt was called a "security risk" and kicked off a US Airways flight at Philadelphia International Airport after she snapped a pic of Toniella G, a gate agent she claimed was being rude to passengers, reports PixIQ.

    Lizard smuggling equals 15 months in prison.  Michael Plank will spend the next 15 months in prison after he was caught at Los Angeles International Airport in November trying to smuggle 15 lizards strapped to his chest into the country, reports the LA Times.

    Please -- guns + security checkpoint = jail. A man was arrested at
    LA/Ontario International Airport after Transportation Security Administration screeners found a gun, loaded with eight rounds of ammunition, in his carry-on bag, reports the San Bernardino Sun.

    How stupid can you be? Conrad Rzewuski was arrested by Phoenix police after he allegedly pointed a laser at a police helicopter, reports  He's been charged with two counts of endangerment.

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