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  • 747-8 Issues Boost A380 Fuel Burn Edge, Airbus Argues
    Posted by Robert Wall 5:43 AM on Jun 23, 2011

    The Paris air show has been more of a success for Boeing's 747-8 which made its Le Bourget debut. Airbus's A380 on the other hand suffered an embarrassing ground handling incident. Boeing also has secured 19 orders for its big transport and Airbus has secured 12.

    But Airbus officials shrug off those issues and instead argue that programmatic developments on their rival's product actually bolsters the case for the A380. Rather than delivering an 8% per-seat fuel burn advantage over the 747-8I, the A380 now delivers a 11-15% edge because of weight and fuel consumption issues on the Boeing aircraft, argues Richard Carcaillet, head of product marketing at Airbus.

    He argues that airlines using the A380, even though they add capacity into a market when they add the mega-transport, are seeing yields increase, rather than drop as they normally tend to, underscoring the business proposition of the aircraft.

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