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  • In Pictures: Mitsubishi Tweaks MRJ Design
    Posted by Graham Warwick 2:04 PM on Sep 09, 2009

    Mitsubishi has finalized the configuration of its MRJ regional jet, slightly enlarging the cabin to provide more headroom than the competition and redesigning the bagge compartment for easier loading. And the company says it's studying the potential for a 100-seat version in addition to the 78-seat MRJ70 and 92-seat MRJ90.

    Fuselage height has been increased 2.5in to 116.5in, increasing cabin height by 1.5in and allowing the overhead bins to be enlarged 12% to carry larger carry-on bags. Cabin height is now 80.5in, which compares with 79in for Embraer's E-Jets. The result of the changes is a more oval fuselage cross-section...

    blog post photo
    Graphic: Mitsubishi Aircraft

    Another major change is deletion of the originally planned underfloor baggage bay forward on the wing. Instead the aft baggage bay has been enlarged, to improve baggage handling and stacking efficiency, Mitsubishi says. Baggage volume is unchanged at 644 cubic feet. The E-Jets, meanwhile, have two underfloor baggage bays with combined volumes of 506-892 cubic feet.

    blog post photo
    Graphic: Mitsubishi Aircraft

    Mitsubishi also says the updated MRJ design will feature an aluminum* wing box. This may reflect the company's experience building the composite wing box for Boeing's 787, but Mitsubishi says an aluminum wing box "will allow for a shorter lead time to make structural changes". Also the wing can be optimized for each member of the MRJ family, including the possible stretch version.

    The design changes have resulted in an adjustment to the schedule, with first flight of the MRJ90 now planned for the second quarter of 2012 - a slip from late 2011 - and deliveries to begin in the first quarter of 2014, rather than in 2013.

    (*You have no idea how hard it is for a Brit to type "aluminum"...)

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