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  • Crash Adds to Iran's Aviation Safety Woes
    Posted by Robert Wall 7:25 PM on Jan 09, 2011

    Iran is once again in the spotlight on aviation safety, with an Iran Air airliner crashing.

    Details are still emerging, but the incident -- involving a 36 year old Boeing 727 -- is only the latest in a steady stream of serious safety incidents involving Iranian operators. Iranian officials tells the semi-official FARS news agency the aircraft was attempting an emergency landing.

    The Jan. 9 incident represents the eleventh hull loss by an Iranian operator, including accidents involving transport aircraft belonging to the military, according to information from the Aviation Safety Network.

    The Iran Air flight (IR277) departed Tehran and reportedly crashed near Orumiyeh, the aircraft's destination, near the border with Turkey.
    Weather conditions are reported to have been difficult. The aircraft was carrying 94 passengers and 12 crew. Initial reports say the accident led to 56 fatalities.

    Iran Air is on the European Union's aviation blacklist, although some operations into Europe are allowed using Airbus A300s and A310s, as well as one Boeing 737s.

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