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  • Syria: No Fly Zone Nears
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:30 PM on Nov 28, 2011

    The disruption in Middle East/North African air travel is set to continue.

    With the Arab League voting to impose sanctions on Syria for its refusal to allow monitors into the country, a no-fly zone is in the making -- technically it is a ban on commercial flights from Arab League states, so it is not the same type of no-fly zone (at least not yet) that was put in place over Libya.

    When it will take effect is still to be settled (likely in the coming week), however, it is only the latest of many disruptions the region has seen in the past year.

    The region's airlines have already had to cope with the Libya no-fly zone, unrest in several other countries, most notably Egypt, which has depressed travel.

    Etihad CEO James Hogan says "we are currently reviewing our capacity on the [Damascus] route" with the plan to fly "as long as we are permitted."

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