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  • AF447: A New Controversy Arises, BEA Responds
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:24 AM on Aug 03, 2011

    There is renewed controversy around the conduct of the air accident investigation into the crash of AF447, the Airbus A330-200 that crashed June 1, 2009 on its flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

    On July 29, the BEA, the French air accident investigation office, issued a third interim report, including several safety recommendations addressing both piloting issues and equipment issues. But in an article out today, the French newspaper, Le Point, charges that one of the safety recommendations in the initial draft was not included in the final report. It pertained to the functioning of the stall warning on the aircraft.

    SNPL, one of France's pilots unions, has reacted harshly to the disclosure, saying
    it undermines the credibility of the BEA. It is asking the authorities to explain why the recommendation was dropped and what other changes may have been made at the last minute. SNPL says it is suspending its participation in the investigation and warns it will not let the investigation become a witch hunt of the crew.

    Le Point says Air France also has contacted authoritie4s over the issue.

    The BEA responds that the recommendation on stall warning was dropped because it was deemed premature. A group of experts will more closely look at the issue and that a recommendation on the topic could reemerge in the final report, due in the first quarter of 2012. 

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