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  • 787-10 and 777 mods will be priorities
    Posted by Guy Norris 3:36 PM on Jul 27, 2011

    Boeing's main product development focus will shift to the 787-10 and upgrades to the 777 with the decision to re-engine the 737 rather than develop an all-new New Small Airplane, says Boeing CEO Jim McNerney. "First we have to execute that. The two projects we have to sort out after the 737 will be the 787-10 and some degree of refurbishment on the 777 - which could be range from small to large." The extent of changes to the 777 are still dependent on the ever-morphing shape of the A350-1000. "We're still waiting to see what the A350-1000 is or isn't" he adds. The overall 777 upgrade plan is currently extensive to accommodate major challenges from the -1000, but can be changed to reflect whatever final configuration emerges, he says. Despite the apparent demise of the NSA, McNerney says "there will be a lot of work in the meantime to keep our folks busy."

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