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  • 737 PIP - before and after
    Posted by Guy Norris 11:49 PM on Aug 16, 2011

    Boeing is set to start deliveries of 737s equipped with the low-drag nozzle and plug engine configuration as it approaches the completion of the performance improvement package (PIP) upgrade. 

    The first part of the upgrade was rolled out in a block part change on the line in March when aerodynamic clean-up features were introduced. These include reduced drag anti-collision light fairings, low drag wheel well enclosures and improvements to slat and spoiler trailing edges. 

    A second block introduced the upgraded CFM56-7BE engine in July, with initial delivery to China Southern that month. 

    The next phase adds an improved, and frankly stylish-looking, shorter primary nozzle and plug set. 

    KLM will be the first to take an aircraft, a 737-700, with all these features. 

    A final change, due for introduction in January 2012, will be an improved environmental control system exhaust vent controlled by a ‘smart’ actuator. The combined package, which Boeing began testing in November 2010, is aimed at reducing fuel consumption by 2%.

    Plug and nozzle - before

    blog post photo
    (Guy Norris)

    ...and after PIP update

    blog post photo

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