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  • Boeing Boosts Large Aircraft Output
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:32 PM on Mar 19, 2010

    Boeing is moving even faster than thought on boosting output for the 777 and 747-8 production lines.

    Just this week, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Jim Albaugh said the decision would be made in April. Instead, Boeing made it today.

    The new plan sees 777 product rates return to seven aircraft per month from five. It made the decision to cut back to five aircraft only last year, but strong demand has caused Boeing to be bullish about future deliveries. The new rate will take effect mid-2011.
    Albaugh had said there was a 15 month lead time, so he is giving the company and suppliers extra time to get to the new level. Boeing signals the increase in output is happening around six months earlier than planned.

    On the 747 front, production of the aircraft will be brought to two aircraft per month from 1.5 aircraft in mid-2012, rather than mid-2013 as planned.

    In announcing the change, BCA VP for marketing, Randy Tinseth says "we see 2010 as the year of overall economic recovery within the industry and 2011 a year where airlines return to profitability," adding that "we anticipate an increase in demand for airplanes in 2012 and beyond."

    2010 financial results should not significantly be affected by the changes.

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