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  • Seatac 777 emergency
    Posted by Guy Norris 6:50 AM on Apr 30, 2009

    Earlier today (Apr 29), having spent the morning with Boeing listening to 787 briefings, I looked out of my hotel by Paine Field, Wash, to watch a brand new British Airways 777-200ER perform rejected take-off tests little knowing that a real-life 777 emergency was taking place just a few miles away to the south.

    Around the same time, Asiana Airlines Flight 271 heading to South Korea was returning to Seattle-Tacoma airport following the failure of its left hand Pratt & Whitney PW4000 on climb out. The aircraft, a 777-200ER (HL7700) with 179 passengers and crew aboard, landed safely back at Seatac almost an hour later, having dumped fuel.

    Although not confirmed officially, reports say witnesses on the ground “heard explosions” and saw fire coming from the engine, strongly suggesting a potential compressor surge. To see a video of the incident click here.The FAA and US National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the incident.


    blog post photo

    The BA 777 poised for its rejected take-off, just as a real-life drama was taking place over Seatac. (photo Guy Norris)

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