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  • The Amazon Drone Plan
    Posted by Sean Meade 10:06 PM on Dec 02, 2013

    At first this almost sounds like an April Fool's Day joke. Or maybe it's just a publicity stunt: "Company CEO Jeff Bezos says he hopes to soon deploy an armada of mini-drones able to drop small packages at your doorstep."

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    We already have problems getting approval to fly UAVs in civil airspace. Bezos would have to overcome that obstacle, but Amazon says rules could be in place in 2015.

    And FAA chief Michael Huerta earlier said he expects some 7,500 small unmanned aircraft buzzing in the U.S. skies in the next five years, according to this report in Industry Week.

    Consumer response was mixed. Here's the funniest take we've seen on the plan by Twitter user @QuantumPirate, who tweeted: I missed an Amazon Drone Delivery, resulting in over 9,000 tweets.

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