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    Posted by Benet Wilson 3:26 PM on Jul 22, 2011

    Talk about mother issues!  Swiss pilot Konrad Schmidt was killed after he crashed his plane into the house of his estranged mother, reports The Scotsman.  The mother survived because she was in the basement at the time of the crash.

    It's the classic man-bites-dog story. Yukari Miyamae is looking at jail time after being charged with sexual abuse after she groped the breast of a Transportation Security Administration screener at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, reports Consumer Traveler

    There are some questions I just don't want answers for.
      Financial consultant and former model Malinda Knowles is suing JetBlue after she claims she was humiliated when a gate agent at JFK Airport asked if she was wearing underwear, reports the New York Daily News.  Knowles complied with the request, but the pilot refused to board her for the flight to West Palm Beach International Airport.

    The bags arrived -- but the passenger didn't. Eugene Shchytou is happy that Delta Air Lines found his father -- three days after he was orginally supposed to arrive at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from Minsk, Belarus, reports the Seattle Times. Shchytou's father flew from Minsk to New York's JFK Airport, via Milan, with no problem. But instead of taking the Seattle flight, the man instead boarded a flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

    She REALLY didn't want that pat-down.  Andrea Fornella Abbott was arrested at Nashville International Airport after becoming verbally abusive toward TSA screeners who wanted to do an enhanced pat-down of her daughter, reports the Tennessean.

    I think a private jet might be a better option for her next time.  Octomom Nadya Suleman was chastised by actress Kristin Johnston on a flight from New York to Los Angeles for not controlling her 12 rowdy children, reports the Daily Mail. Suleman and the children were sitting in business class, while Johnston was in first.

    He probably should have taken a nap.  An air traffic controller in Longmont, Colo., is being investigated by FAA for allegedly being drunk while on duty, reports CBS News.

    What's next, Air France? Fly the plane ourselves?  Air France passengers are being asked to take their trash and clean their seats when they leave aircraft in a move to keep costs low, reports Bloomberg. The airline's flight attendants refused to take on the task at the carrier's low-cost operation.

    Heure de commencer ces leçons françaises!  A French-Canadian couple has won a $12,000 judgement from Air Canada after the carrier broke the law by not providing services in English and French, reports The Age.

    There's only one sheriff in this airport!  Leonardo Alvarez was arrested at John Wayne Airport after he tried to take the gun from the holster of a deputy sheriff, reports the Modesto Bee. he admitted that he had been using drugs.

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