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  • Bombardier Launches Facebook Page
    Posted by Benet Wilson 3:00 PM on Jun 17, 2011

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    On the eve of the Paris Air Show, Bombardier Aerospace is taking another leap in to social media by launching a Facebook fan page to help it celebrate its 25th anniversary.

    “As we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Bombardier's entry into aerospace this year, we decided that a Facebook page would be an excellent forum for our employees, and other stakeholders (journalists, customers, operators, fans and enthusiasts) to share their experiences with Bombardier over the past 25 years, and their vision for Bombardier's future,” says the company’s Hélène Gagnon, VP Public Affairs, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility.

    “We kicked off the year with a corporate video looking back on the past 25 years of accomplishments and we intend to finish the year by creating a people driven video constructed from the comments, stories, images and videos they share with us through the Facebook page.”

    Each month, Bombardier will invite people to post comments, images, videos, etc., relating to a specific theme around the 25th anniversary, says Gagnon.  “This month's theme, for example, is pride. We also want to use this channel as a different, more interactive means of communicating our news and events.”

    Bombardier’s corporate communications department will engage with fans daily by posting new content or by commenting on their posts, says Gagnon.  “Although the two channels are independent, they are also complimentary, with posts on our Twitter page linked to our Facebook and vice versa,” she explains.

    “We want to engage with stakeholders with a communications tools that is reaching many of them,” says Gagnon.  “Facebook is part of many people's lives now and we want to leverage the tool to engage in a dialogue with stakeholders.”

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