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    Posted by Christopher Fotos 9:10 PM on Mar 19, 2010

    My colleague Benet Wilson tweeted her discovery of Orlando (Fla.) International Airport's Facebook page, a slice of social media that I think is a real winner for airports. I believe Orlando's site is fairly new, and chatting with Benet she pointed me to Akron-Canton (Ohio) as a pioneer in airport Facebooking--and to my mind, punching way above its weight with a very active wall and over 10,000 fans. You think this kind of personal connection could come in handy the next time the airport has any kind of funding, political or tenant battle? I do--either that or making it less likely such conflicts will develop in the first place.

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    Two other airport Facebooks in different stages of development are Sacramento, Calif., and Port Columbus, Ohio. I'd love to hear from anyone--airports or fans included, and definitely including airports outside the U.S.--to create a comprehensive list.

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