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  • Southwest Grounds 81 737s Following Fuselage Rupture
    Posted by Frank Jackman 1:26 PM on Apr 02, 2011

    Southwest said this morning that it is grounding 81 aircraft to "begin an aggressive inspection effort" in cooperation with Boeing following an incident Friday in which the fuselage of a Boeing 737-300 apparently ruptured in-flight. The aircraft, delivered to Southwest in 1996, was on its way to Sacramento from Phoenix when the cabin experienced a rapid depressurization. The aircraft made an emergency landing in Yuma, Ariz. The crew found a hole in top of the fuselage about mid-cabin, according to the airline.
    Southwest said it is working with Boeing on an inspection plan for 81 aircraft in its fleet that are covered by a set of FAA airworthiness directives aimed at inspections for aircraft skin fatigue. The aircraft will be inspected over the next several days. 

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