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    Posted by Rupa Haria 10:13 AM on Nov 25, 2011

    An Air France A340 left the Taeco facility in China’s Xiamencity after undergoing maintenance, stopped off at Air France’s hub at Roissy, then flew onto Boston before it was discovered that 30 screws were missing from a protective panel between the fuselage and the wing. The aircraft was flying for five days before it was finally grounded in Boston, says the Daily Mail, which quotes an Air France union spokesman describing the oversight as “deplorable”.

    A California woman bent on revenge against a man she had been having an affair with is in custody after she called an airline reporting the man was a terrorist, hours before he was to board a flight from Las Vegas to Paris. Jilted 45 year old Lizet Sariol called United Airlines to place an anonymous terror tip against her former lover, Adnen Mansouri, a French citizen, and a fellow friend who were due to travel together.  According to the New York DailyMansouri said he wasn’t surprised when the FBI apprehended him because Sariol had been “harassing” him. 

    Arthur Berkowitz claims he was forced to stand for seven hours on a flight from Anchorage to Philadelphia thanks to the passenger sitting next to him. His 400lb neighbour, occupying the middle seat on a US Airways flight, spilled over into Berkowitz’s seat, prompting Berkowitz to stand for the duration of the flight, says the Daily Mail. “His size required both armrests to be raised up and allowed for his body to cover half of my seat,” claims Berkowitz.  

    Troubled tour operator Thomas Cook took time out from dealing with its financial mess to upbraid over a Google campaign. The web booking engine took advantage of Cook’s financial woes in a Google search engine advertising campaign, using the phrase “Been Thomas Crooked?” Ian Ailles, chief executive of Thomas Cook UK labelled the stunt as “almost unforgiveable”, according to Travolution.

    A promotional Twitter campaign has left Qantas red-faced in what is described as an “epic fail” for the airline. Qantas invited Twitter users to describe their dream in-flight experience, using the hashtag #QantasLuxury. It wasn’t long before disgruntled Qantas passengers hijacked the hashtag with one user saying Qantas luxury was “more than three minutes notice that the whole airline is on strike,” says Reuters.

    A pilot in New Zealand walked away without serious injury after the helicopter he was operating smashed into the ground. Greg Gribble was helping to erect a seven-story steel Christmas tree when his helicopter clipped the tree and came crashing down. Watch the remarkable footage.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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