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  • Ryanair Expects Return of On-board Mobile Data Services
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:44 AM on Jul 27, 2011

    A year after ending its experiment with OnAir to provide on-board voice and data connectivity, Ryanair has not given up hope of reviving such a service and tapping another ancillary revenue stream.

    The airline and OnAir could not agree on commercial terms for a long-term relationship, which led to the two parting ways after a year of working together. 

    Howard Miller, Ryanair CFO says the effort was hobbled by the need to negotiate with so many cellular network service providers in Europe, where the national divisions of the large companies -- such as Vodafone -- do not work in an integrated way but national arrangements have to be negotiated.

    That said, Miller says data usage in particular was popular, far more than voice calls. "Texting and data will certainly make sense," he says. Adding that "we think it will eventually come back."

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