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  • When Leahy Retires...
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 3:30 PM on Jun 28, 2012

    In an industry outlook presentation at the Aviation Suppliers Association conference this week, Adam Pilarski, senior VP at Avitas, predicted John Leahy, chief operating officer-customers at Airbus, will retire before Sept. 1, 2015. 

    Why do you think he brought this up in his industry forecast? 

    Leahy, who became head of Airbus sales in 1988, has played a very pivotal part in Airbus' growth. Airbus says Leahy was instrumental in raising its global market share from 18% in 1995 to 50% in 2000. Airbus continues to dominate about 50% of the commercial market.

    If indeed Leahy (who really is recognized worldwide by just his last name) is eligible to retire then, who will replace him? 

    Pilarski says Boeing has had eight sales people in the same timeframe as Leahy has led Airbus sales.

    Photo credit: Airbus

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