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    Posted by Benet Wilson 2:20 PM on Aug 19, 2011

    He said oui, oui to wee wee.  French actor Gerard Depardieu found himself apologizing after urinating in the aisle of a Cityjet flight from Paris to Dublin, reports the BBC.  Depardieu, who claimed a prostate problem, relieved himself after being denied permission to use the lavatory since the plane was about to take off.  And of course, Ryanair used the whole affair to promote its low fares, reports Tnooz.

    Oh, so THAT'S how you do it...
    Qantas is coming under fire for including the documentary "The Female Orgasm Explained" as part of its inflight entertainment, reports USA Today's Today In The Sky.  The airline says the documentary has been its most popular feature on The Edge channel.

    TSA Managers Admit to 'Dictatorial' Atmosphere? I'm shocked. Shocked
    . Transportation Security Administration managers at Honolulu International Airport are working on improving morale in the wake of 36 screeners and managers being fired in a baggage checking scandal, reports KITV 4 News.  The managers admited to a "dictatorial" atmosphere and have been sending out “improvement updates” to its remaining 700 employees, the station reports.

    Do the crime, do the time. Ramesh Advani faces a year in prison and a $10,000 fine after admitting to sexually abusing a fellow airline passenger while she slept under a blanket in the seat beside him on a Continental Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Newark, reports Reuters.

    It works much better with the wheels attached.  Jason Price filed a complaint with United Airlines after landing in Oklahoma City and finding that his power wheelchair has been disassembled by the carrier's employees, reports News Channel 4. What made it worse was that Price had just come back from Washington, D.C., where he was helping the feds write a book on ways to help the disabled find jobs.

    Say it with me: no guns on planes!  Joshua Banks was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after TSA screeners found a loaded gun in his carry-on bag, reports the LA Times.  And Thomas Joseph Fee was arrested at Denver International Airport doing the same thing, reports the Press-Enteprise.

    We love to fly -- for good reason!  Wealthier Mexicans near the U.S. border are ditching their cars and flying to Texas cities like McAllen, despite the trip being only a 2.5 hour car ride, reports MSNBC.  Why? They don't want to be caught on the highway by members of Mexico's violent drug cartels.
    We'll end the week with this clip, submitted by my Aviation Week colleague Robert Wall.  it illustrates the Boeing vs. Airbus war: the Angry Birds edition.  Enjoy!

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