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    Posted by Benet Wilson 3:39 PM on Oct 14, 2011

    Houston, we have a problem -- with you.  Singer Whitney Houston was nearly thrown off a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Detroit after she refused to fasten her seat belt, reports

    Threatening air marshals = bad idea.  Jared Hansen was arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot an air marshal on a Delta Air Lines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, reports ABC News. Hansen, who was allegedly drunk during the flight, was charged with assault on a federal officer, giving false information about carrying weapons and interfering with a flight crew, ABC adds.

    She *really* didn't want that pat-down!  Andrea Abbott continues to fight her arrest on disorderly conduct after becoming vocal about her teen daughter being patted down or body scanned at a security checkpoint at Nashville International Airport, reports the Tennessean. Abbott says her first amendment rights were violated, but a judge ruled the case could move forward.

    If you wanna play, you have to pay.  AirTran is adopting a new policy for obese passengers, reports FOX8 Cleveland.  Under the policy, if a passenger cannot fit into one seat, they will be required to buy another one.  You can read my personal thoughts on this policy here.

    What did that terminal ever do to you?  John Kelly was arrested after he repeatedly rammed his car into Wyoming's Jackson Hole Airport terminal with his car, reports MSNBC. He was charged with felony property destruction after causing nearly $36,000 in damage.

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