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  • 787 update Oct 1
    Posted by Guy Norris 5:42 AM on Oct 01, 2009

    Way back in June at the Paris air show, when rumors of the second 787 line were just beginning to swirl, I had a chance meeting with an executive well-connected with the program. Over drinks, in a very matter of fact way, he clearly stated the location of the second line was already decided – and it was in Charleston, South Carolina. The logic of the location was unquestionable, but as time went by and my doubts grew about how certain the move actually was there was no way of telling if my friend was misinformed or misguided, or both.Over the last three months Boeing has maintained the location is far from decided, and that all the preparatory work – such as paperwork smoothing the way for potential planning permission in the marshy woods around Charleston airport is just that – preparatory and potential. Now Scott Hamilton reports that Boeing has filed for permits to clear more than 80 acres of trees to make way for the fabled second assembly line. According to his report, the building would be 720,000 sq. ft, and would be erected in a site which Boeing wants to begin clearing as early as next month (yes…that would be November!). The documents say the clearing work would be completed by February. Boeing apparently now owns 240 acres in Charleston, with the recent acquisition of the Vought facility and the previous purchase of 50% of Global Aeronautica there.

    blog post photo
    Dense woodland near the present site is likely to be the target area for developers (Guy Norris)

    Jon Ostrower also makes interesting observations about the prospective site, the true origin of the latest 787 order cancellations and he provides a useful update on the recent production moves at Everett.

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