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    Posted by Rupa Haria 1:44 PM on Jan 27, 2012

    EasyJet brings home the bacon. The budget, no frills carrier may have unlocked the secret to making an airline profitable: bacon butties. The airline, in reporting quarterly financial results, saw a 10% increase in food and beverage sales, according to the The Express, which quotes an EasyJet spokesman as saying: "Our most popular item is the bacon butty. If you are on a business trip and on a tight schedule then it makes sense to eat during your flight.”
    $62k for a lost bag seems reasonable. The wife of a  wealthy Nigerian businessman is suing Lufthansa, claiming it lost one of five pieces of checked luggage. The missing bag must have contained some pretty expensive shoes  - she is demanding a compensation of 10 million naira ($62,000) from the airline, according to Nigeria'Daily Times.   
    Ripple effect. An Air Canada flight was delayed for four hours this week after Ripples the cat escaped from his carrier and hid in the cockpit. Ripples got into the cockpit avionics, according to an Air Canada spokeswoman, who told CBC News that the cat wouldn't be coaxed out of the avionics bay, so "our maintenance crews had to open it from an alternative access panel, which took time to disassemble." 

    Where there's smoke. Meanwhile, a Continental flight made an unexpected detour to San Antonio after a passenger, who needed a nicotine fix, lit up a cigarette on board the flight from Houston to California, then refused to put it out. He was taken into custody on the ground, according to the site My San Antonio
    Blonde Bollywood ambition. Finally, for reasons unknown to most Indians, the flight crew on board a Finnair flight to Delhi decided to celebrate India's Republic Day holiday by breaking into dance. AvWeek's Madhu Unnikrishnan blogged about it on Thursday, along with the video below, which quickly went viral on the web. 

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