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  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:58 AM on Oct 22, 2009

    Doest it pay to be part of the Star Alliance?
    There is no question that management at Egyptair remains enthusiastic about the airline’s joining the Star Alliance formally last year. But on a trip to visit the carrier, an airline employee raised the question of the value of membership in the mega-airline grouping, but with an interesting twist: Not whether it pays for the airline, brining in more passengers or generating other benefits, but does it pay for the employees.

    The employee asked whether being part of Star would translate into higher pay. After all, employees at other alliance members are paid better than those at Egyptair, he argued.
    And before the issue could even be raised that life in Egypt is cheaper than some other countries where alliance members are based, he dismissed that argument. “Equal pay for equal work,” was he insisted.
    What’s more, he said, alliance membership has translated into employees having to do more work, with salaries not being adjusted.
    Told that employees at other European airlines are being driven to do more for the same or less pay also didn’t do much to sway this passionate labor advocate, with him noting that the other airlines’ employees still get paid more than Egyptair workers.
    Given Egyptair is sustaining growth, whereas many other Star Alliance members are cutting back, it’s perhaps no surprise to see employees are not receptive to the idea of no salary growth, global crisis or none.

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