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  • 787 - back to certification testing
    Posted by Guy Norris 6:05 AM on Jan 18, 2011

    Boeing has confirmed the restart of 787 certification flight tests after an almost two-month hiatus following the in-flight electrical fire on the second test aircraft in November.

    The resumption of certification flights on Jan 17, raises expectations that the long-anticipated announcement on the revised program schedule may be imminent.

    The first 787, ZA001, is expected to undertake certification buffet boundary testing on Jan 18, while ZA002, which returned to flight with a 1.5 hr sortie on Jan 17, will begin tests of a de-rated thrust setting on the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 later this week.

    blog post photo 
    ZA002 - airborne again.

    Boeing says ZA003 is “expected to be flying again within the next week or so,” while ZA004 is undertaking tests of the fuel jettison system. The first General Electric GEnx-1B powered aircraft, ZA005, is conducting long endurance fuel burn measurement flights out of Victorville, Calif. The final 787 test aircraft, GE-powered sistership ZA006, is meanwhile being readied for a return to flight with a functional check mission expected on Jan 19.

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