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  • Who Slipped Something In Mica's Lunch?
    Posted by Jennifer Michels 7:49 PM on Mar 30, 2011

    House Transportation Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) let the AeroClub of Washington today know that he is angry, and he's not going take it any more.

    Before a packed crowd there to hear what his plans are for two very important days of debate on the House fiscal 2011 FAA funding bill, Mica said, "So you came to hear what the hell is going on according to Mica. I wish I knew."

    He later said, "I"m so mad. I had some great crap I wanted to put in this bill, but the damn Republicans won't let me." In case you missed it, Mica is Republican.

    Heavy debate can be expected on the usual sticking points-National Airport slots, killing the Essential Air Service Program, a controversial labor election provision and controller staffing.

    To the latter, he repeated his new, favorite expression of referring to the TSA as his "little bastard," saying he created the agency after Sept. 11, 2001, but did not foresee it growing into an agency of 62,985. "I envision the TSA getting out of the personnel business. I'm not pleased with the performance of the TSA."

    Mica also discussed his trip last week to Afghanistan to watch the work of dedicated American service people. After a bit of a coughing bit on stage, he told the crowd he had the "Afghan crud" but not to worry because it goes away "hopefully, like the TSA."

    He may have created the TSA, he said, but now that he is chairman, "I'll get 'em."

    (Blogger's note: Why was Mica in Afghanistan the week before all hell breaks loose on the FAA funding bill? Just wondering.)

    At some point in his speech, he diverted to discussing his personal preference for pat-downs when going through security, instead of going through advanced-imaging machines because he doesn't want his "beautiful body profile" to be passed around the TSA in emails. "I just close my eyes and imagine it is a beautiful female" doing the patting, he said.

    Hey Mica, thanks for sharing.

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