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  • Boeing 747 'Dump and Burn,' aka Russia's Counter-MANPADS Idea
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:24 AM on Nov 11, 2011

    Over the years, there have been various ideas about how to protect civilian airliners from infrared-guided missiles, such as the SA-7. Those have included laser-based countermeasures, the use of lamps, as well as flares.

    But the concept that may pose the greatest nightmare to certification authorities is what Aviaconversiya is pedling at the Dubai air show. The system involves a missile warning system, fuel ejectrion system and laser.

    Once a threat is detected, the fuel is ejected aft of the aircraft with the laser then used to ignite the fuel to create a ball of fire intended to draw the missile away from the engine exhaust plume.

    blog post photo

    The company notes that a Su-24 demonstrated the concept in 1985.

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