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  • ATR: Highlights for 2009, 2010
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:30 AM on Jan 18, 2010

    ATR reports its 2009 results and gives its outlook for 2010. Here are some highlights:


      Deliveries: 54 (2008: 55)

       Turnover: $1.4 billion (2008: $1.3 billion)

       Orders: 40 firm, 17 options (2008: 42 firm; 14 options)

       Backlog: 136 aircraft -- 59x -600s; 77x -500 (2008: 169)

       ATR reports it has now sold its 1,000th turboprop

    The turboprop maker also says the goals for this year are basically to keep 2010 roughly on par with 2009 in terms of deliveries, turnover and orders.

    The ATR 72-600 should also receive its type certification this year, with a target of first customer delivery in the first half of 2011.
    No decision expected this year on whether to launch a new, larger turboprop that has been under study for some time.



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