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  • Flight 3407: The Power of Human Kindess - and Social Networking
    Posted by Frances Fiorino 7:40 PM on Feb 24, 2009

    Talk about random acts of kindness. Talk about the power of social networking.  

    Yesterday, a friend forwarded a feel-good-about-humanity story that appeared at ABC News site here about 60,000 acts of kindness – most aimed at helping a Buffalo, N.Y., family devastated by the Feb. 12 crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407.

    Nearly 60,000 Facebook users have petitioned ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” to rebuild the Wielinski home that was demolished when the Dash-8-Q400 crashed into it.    How does the popular TV show accomplish its weekly goal?  In ABC’s words, it puts together “a very run-down house, a deserving family, several opinionated designers, and seven days -- what do you get? Extreme Makeover.”  With a seven days time limit, a team of designers, contractors and hundreds of workers aim to complete a renovation that would ordinarily take at least four months to achieve—then surprises the unsuspecting family with the end result.

    The owner of the Buffalo, N.Y., home, Douglas Wielinski, lost his life in the accident that also claimed the lives of all 49 onboard the aircraft. His wife Karen and his daughter Jill, at home at the time, survived--but they and the rest of the family were left homeless.

    So two kind-hearted teenage sisters, Jayne and Emma O’Connor of Amherst, N.Y., created the Facebook petition to provide “outlet of support, where everyone could … show how much they care.” And expressions of caring came rolling in. Facebook, with an estimated 150 million users, appears to be a most effective way to reach the masses and affect change -- The “Extreme Makeover” show is reviewing the petition.   

    Some of the Facebook entries here  indicate that not all are supportive of rebuilding the home. But its heartwarming to know that kindness prevails.


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