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  • BA's 787 vs A380 Race
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:27 AM on Apr 10, 2012

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    Photo: @British_Airways, Twitter

    British Airways announced today that construction has begun on major parts of the first of 12 Airbus A380s the airline is buying. Handover of the first aircraft is due next year.

    What is still unclear is exactly when in 2013 the aircraft will enter service and whether it will come ahead of service entry of BA's first Boeing 787.

    With the schedule of both the Airbus and Boeing flagship programs in flux, the airline is not ready to commit to who will come first.

    BA still plans to field all 12 A380s through 2015, although the exact delivery schedule -- including how many aircraft are to be handed over next year -- is still being defined.

    BA promises more details on its A380 (and 787) plans later this year. For now, the routes the A380 is to serve and the exact cabin configuration remain uncertain.

    (Click here for a video of BA Engineering's Heathrow hangar preparing for the A380

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