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  • Boeing's non X-rated long range family portrait
    Posted by Guy Norris 10:13 AM on Jun 19, 2013

    Boeing’s new long range family line-up for the end of the decade firmed up at Paris with the official launch of the 787-10X and greater definition of the 777-8X/9X, which could become a firm program in November – possibly at the Dubai air show.


    Boeing traditionally changes the designation of new programs when they are formally launched with sufficient orders to warrant the full-scale go ahead. At this milestone the ‘X’ designation is no longer used. While this was the process followed for the 787-10, it is surprising therefore to see the ‘X’ already disappear from this newly released (yet-to-be-officially launched) 777-9, 787-10 and 777-8X and -9X family portrait. Whatever the names, note the similarity in the wing configuration between the 787s and new ‘fourth-generation’ composite winged 777-8/9.

    And here is a new image of the 787-10

    …and Boeing’s comparative data chart for the three 787 family members

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