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  • 747-8I comes together
    Posted by Guy Norris 4:18 PM on Oct 15, 2010

    Boeing has completed final body join of the first 747-8 Intercontinental in Everett, Washington. 

    This marks the first time the passenger model has been stretched since the original 747-100 in the 1960s. Measuring the same length as the -8F freighter, the 747-8I fuselage is 250 feet 2 inches (76.3 meters) long, which is 18 feet 4 inches longer than the 747-400. 

    The -8I stretch is also the first after the -300/400 to have a stretched double-deck passenger section, and provides space for 51 additional seats to accommodate 467 passengers in a typical three-class configuration.

    Boeing has taken orders for 109 747-8s of which 33 are for the Intercontinental version. The -8I has been selected by Lufthansa, Korean Air and eight VIP customers with the first 747-8I delivery is scheduled for late 2011 to a VIP customer.

    Testing of the 747-8F is meanwhile moving into its final stages, having been delayed by aileron and outer wing vibration issues. The buffet boundary certification performance test scheduled in the next few days for RC501, the first -8F, suggests that a final fix has been developed.

    A 747-8I comes together....(all images Boeing)

    blog post photo
    First main wing spar, May 2010

    blog post photo
    First cockpit section June 2010

    blog post photo
    First forward fuselage September 2010

    blog post photo

    Final body join October 2010

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