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  • 747-8 update
    Posted by Guy Norris 3:22 AM on Dec 05, 2009

    Korean Air’s signing on the dotted line for five 747-8I passenger models plus purchase rights on a further five (see this Fleetbuzz analysis) comes in a busy week for the program. News of the Asian marketing breakthrough emerged within hours of Boeing reaching the 90% design release point for the Intercontinental model. Outside work meanwhile continues on readying the first 747-8F for flight in mid-January, while General Electric’s 747 flying testbed is meanwhile heading to Seattle to look for natural icing to wrap up certification testing on the GEnx-2B engine. The irony is that GE’s flight test team hope to find exactly the sort of horrible ice-laden weather that the 787 flight test team wants to avoid – at least for a few days around mid-December when they hope to finally get airborne.

    blog post photo
    GEnx-2B engines - soon to power up for the first time on first 747-8F, RC501 (Liz Matzelle)

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