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  • Delta And US Airways v. U.S. Government
    Posted by Andrew Compart 2:15 AM on May 05, 2010

    Earlier today, in writing this AWIN-subscriber story about the FAA's rejection of the Delta/US Airways alternative proposal for its slot swap, I mentioned that the carriers previously warned they might challenge the government in court if the FAA stuck with the original conditions it wanted to impose on the deal. Well, just hours later, the airlines said they plan to make good on their threat.

    In a press release, Delta and US Airways said they "intend to appeal this ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals," arguing the decision "clearly exceeded [the FAA and Transportation Department's] statutory authority."

    As I wrote for my subscriber-only story in the May 5 issue of Aviation Daily, the FAA seemed to be girding itself for a lawsuit. In its final decision, it writes at length about the legal justification and grounds for imposing its conditions. You can read the FAA's entire ruling here.

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