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  • 787 - Package B tests completed
    Posted by Guy Norris 9:00 AM on Dec 01, 2011

    Boeing completed flight tests of the improved Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 “Package B” engines on 787 test aircraft ZA004 on Nov 28. The upgraded engine is designed to bring performance to within 1% of Boeing’s original specification and will be rated at 70,000 lb for delivery of the first long-haul 787-8 version for ANA.Although originally due for delivery to Japan in early December, the slower-than-expected ramp up of 787 completions means the initial long-range capable model is almost certainly not due to be handed over until January. This could be cutting it fine for ANA which is currently planning to use the initial Package B-powered 787 to fly the first long-haul international service to Frankfurt starting on Jan 21, 2012.

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    ZA004 will be re-fitted with new engines and resume test flying later in December. (Joe Walker)

    Rolls delivered the final production Package A engine in early August for the initial ANA 787-8s to be fitted with this interim configuration. Designed to tackle part of the 4-5% specific fuel consumption shortfall identified early in the program, the Package A version was certificated in February 2011 and is rated at 64,000lb for use primarily on domestic routes.
    The Package B engine includes changes to the twist of the fan blades and outlet guide vanes as well as to the aerodynamics in the six-stage low pressure (LP) turbine, improved cooling flow for the intermediate pressure (IP) turbine and changes to the secondary air system.

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