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  • The Biggest Props on the Biggest Aircraft
    Posted by Graham Warwick 7:22 PM on Jun 11, 2010

    The world's largest aircraft, Antonov's An-225 Mriya, has delivered the longest cargo in airlift history, says operator Antonov Airlines. They only weighed a total of 15 tonnes, but the pair of wind turbine blades were each 42.1 meters long - barely fitting into the An-225's 43-meter cargo compartment.

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    Photos: Antonov Airlines

    Made in China, the blades were delivered to Denmark on June 10 for specialised testing. The blades were transported by air to save time, the flight taking 12 hours compared with a month by sea, says Antonov. Only one the the six-engined An-225s is flying, carrying outsize loads that won't fit into (relatively) smaller An-124.

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