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  • Remembrance of pilots past
    Posted by Michael Mecham 7:01 AM on Feb 09, 2010

    The nose wheel landing door of RC501, the first flight test 747-8, carries initials that are a reminder of the crew that put the first “Queen of the Skies” into the air 41 years ago.


    The doors carry the initials JW, a nod to Capt. Jack Waddell, who was pilot-in-command when the 747-100 took to the air on Feb. 9, 1969.


    The second flight test article, RC521, will bear the initials BW for Brian Wygle, the co-pilot, on the same doors.


    And the third test airplane, RC 522, will remember flight engineer Jess Wallick. That’s right, there was a three-man cockpit team in those days. It wasn’t until the 747-400 that Boeing introduced a two-person cockpit for its big widebody transport.


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