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    Posted by Rupa Haria 9:56 AM on Mar 16, 2012

    The U.S. TSA's new pre-check program is the latest target of Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation site. Be prepared to laugh, and watch it here

    It wasn’t quite a rain dance…in a bid to attract new air services to the region with WestJet, residents of Canadian town South Okanagan performed and filmed a dance on an airport apron. The community plans to send the promotional video to airline executives. A local councillor, Garry Litke, is quoted by as saying: “the community wants to impress WestJet's corporate leaders.”  

    Oh, the cheek. Three environmental protestors last October tried to make their argument seen and heard at Birmingham Airport in the U.K. by stripping off into nothing but red body paint. The trio’s anger was aimed at Thomson Airways’ first biofuels flight, which the campaigners labelled as “bare faced cheek.” The trio were this week fined £150, according to the Birmingham Post.

    Ever wanted to own a bit of World War 2 pioneering aviation history? Now you can. A rare Me163B Komet – the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft that saw operational duty  – is up for auction with a Buy Now price of just under £1 million, says, adding that no bids have been placed so far.

    Boeing and Airbus gave twits on Twitter something to watch this week after the WTO Appelate’s latest ruling on illegal subsidies (read our story here). In the latest in the continued battle between the airframers, Airbus took it upon itself to rebrand Boeing’s Dreamliner.

    blog post photo

    On the subject of Dreamliners, check out Lamborghini’s new carbonfiber Aventador, which the Seattle Times likens to the 787 Dreamliner.

    And finally, NASA’s Space Shuttle program may have ended, but Romania appears to be wanting to take its place. 18 year old Raul Oaida built a spaceship in just three days, at a cost of £1,600. The shuttle was launched from Germany and spent “three hours withstanding 320mph winds on the edge of space,” according to The Telegraph, which features a video of the launch. The shuttle is made entirely from LEGO.

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