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  • Turkish Airlines To Order The 777-9X?
    Posted by Brian Bostick 5:34 AM on Jul 12, 2013

    Boeing's Twin-Aisle Development presentation from last month's Paris Air Show reveals an oddity in the artist's rendering of the 777-9X. Most artist renderings of future aircraft lack any type of registration, which is perfectly acceptable given that the artist's job is to make aircraft look good for the brochures, not make a paper airplane comply with airworthiness regulations.

    However, if you look very carefully at Boeing's 777-9X drawing, you'll notice a "TC-XXX" registration. TC- is the prefix for Turkish-registered aircraft and, given that THY is the only operator of 777s, we can draw a few conclusions:

    - Boeing has pitched the 777-9X to THY or another Turkish carrier

    - The artist used leftover art from THY 777-300ER brochures

    - Boeing is opening a 777 factory in Turkey

    Of course, this is all speculation, but it's an unusual rendering worth noting nonetheless.

    The entire presentation can be found at

    Image Credits: Boeing

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