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  • 787 update August 26 - 2nd line?
    Posted by Guy Norris 6:38 AM on Aug 26, 2009

    Following AW&ST’s reports from the Paris air show in June that Boeing was eyeing its North Charleston, South Carolina site as a potential second 787 assembly line, Seattle’s King 5 news station yesterday (Aug 25) confirmed the manufacturer will file building permits today to expand the existing site there.

    The filing, which comes less than a week after Boeing’s board meeting at Everett, “does not mean the company has decided to open a second 787 assembly line,” says Boeing. Officially the paperwork is just that – necessary paperwork to get the red tape process churning in good time in case Boeing does indeed decide later this year to open a second line.

    Below is a shot I took of the site still under construction in mid-2006. The building nearer the camera was built by Vought Aerospace and was purchased by Boeing earlier this year. The adjacent building is the 334,000 square foot Global Aeronautica fuselage integration site. Global Aeronautica is a joint venture of Alenia North America, a Finmeccanica Company, and Boeing which earlier bought out Vought’s share. The site integrates fuselage sections built on-site with other units arriving from Italy and Japan, before shipping them via 747LCF Dreamlifter to Everett. Note that the taxiway linking the site with the rest of the airfield had not yet been laid down at the time of this photo.

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    (Guy Norris photo)

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