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  • About That BA NY-London City Route
    Posted by Christopher Fotos 9:00 PM on Oct 01, 2009

    For somebody who didn't fly on BA's new A318 JFK-London City route, Cranky Flier sure has an interesting review.  Our own Adrian Schofield blogged about it on the way over, and he plans to post more when he comes back late Friday. (Yeah, that's his photo Cranky links to).

    If your goal is to do business around the Docklands, Cranky says it's a no-brainer compared to anyone flying into Heathrow. London-New York might be another matter, but let's let him speak for himself:
    ...there are tremendous advantages to the BA service since there are fewer things that can go wrong.

    You don’t have to worry about traffic problems getting to Heathrow or the inevitable Tube delays either. You can also arrive at London/City much later than at Heathrow so you don’t have to wait around. Lastly, when you arrive in New York, you don’t have to worry about the varying times required for customs and immigration on any given day. You just walk off the plane and you’re there, so the arrival time is more reliable. Don’t forget that you’re also on a plane with only 32 people, so it’s like having the same privacy you get on the upper deck of a 747 without the riff-raff below. Pretty sweet.

    Cranky compares the BA service to Virgin's, mainly because of a little Twiitter jabbing between the two carriers that you can catch up on over at his site--where he has lots of links and background on the service. 

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