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  • Safety Video Tops Youtube Charts
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 5:14 AM on Mar 30, 2011

    Air NZ’s new flight safety video, featuring fitness guru Richard Simmons, has gone viral on the internet. The Youtube version has now amassed more than a million views in just three days. My colleague Rupa Haria already posted the video in this blog, but I've included it below again.

    Apparently it is the number one most viewed video on Youtube in Australia and New Zealand, number two in the U.S., and number four worldwide. It has featured in news stories from major media outlets around the globe.

    I guess this means it has been hugely successful for Air NZ from a marketing standpoint, so they deserve credit for that (their marketing team would have to be a strong contender for the most innovative in the industry).

    However, I’m still not convinced about the concept of making “pop” versions of flight safety briefings. On one hand, it makes more people watch them. But on the other, aren’t we reaching the point where the safety message is getting obscured by the entertainment? Carriers need to be careful that they don’t lose sight of the purpose of the flight safety briefings. It’s great that they are helping raise international awareness of the airline, but the safety information has to remain the most prominent element.

    Incidentally, the Richard Simmons video is just the latest marketing success for Air NZ. A music video featuring Air NZ’s puppet mascot Rico and entertainer Snoop Dogg has received half a million views on Youtube. And previous in-flight videos featuring body-painted crew members have received 12 million Youtube views so far.

    You can find Air NZ’s movie gallery on Youtube here.

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